At St Michael’s, daily collective worship is a cornerstone of our school life, deeply aligning with our Mission Statement: “Holding God’s Hand, we nurture hearts, minds, and spirits.” Our worship sessions provide a sacred time for our school community to come together in prayer, reflection, and spiritual growth. Structured around the “Virtues to Live By” approach, each week we focus on a specific virtue, helping our children to embody these essential values in their everyday lives. Through stories, prayers, and song, we encourage our children to live out virtues such as respect, kindness, and patience, fostering a nurturing environment where faith and moral development go hand in hand.

Please read the sections below to learn a little about our approach to Collective Worship.

Every Monday the whole school gathers together in the school hall.  Each Monday, we discuss our current virtue together and listen to The Word of God.  It is a fabulous time for us to come together as a whole school community and is a brilliant way to start our week.

Each Tuesday we gather together as a whole school community to Worship together through song.  Each Tuesday we also discuss a real life example/theme that links to our current virtue.

Wednesday Worship is an especially joyous time of the week, as the children in EYFS, Lower School (Year 1/Year 2/Year 3) and Upper School (Year 4/Year5/Year 6) gather together as a phase to worship together and reflect on the virtue of the week.

Every Thursday the children in each class plan, prepare, resource and deliver their own Collective Worship session.  The children leading the worship sessions are not just fantastic ambassadors for our school, but for Christ too.

What a joyful time of the week!  Every Friday our families and community are invited into school for our Celebration Worship.  The awards we give our each week are :

  • Pupil of the Week
  • Mission Disciple
  • Star Draw Winners
  • Achievements from Home