Our Parish

At St Michael’s, we are deeply blessed by the strong and vibrant connections we share with our parish community. We believe in fostering a sacred bond between home, parish, and school, which we nurture by inviting parishioners and parents to join us in celebrating Mass and participating in various school performances.

A few years ago, St Bernadette’s parish joyfully amalgamated with St Michael’s parish, enriching our community with the cherished relationship we enjoy with our friends at St Bernadette’s school. Our Year 3 children collaborate closely with their prayer partners at St Bernadette’s, embarking together on their Sacramental Journey.

We are blessed to have our beautiful parish church just a short distance from our school. This proximity allows us to visit for school Masses, deepen our knowledge during RE lessons, and participate fully in parish celebrations, strengthening our communal faith.

Our devoted Parish Priest, Father Steven Parkinson, is a constant presence in our school. He regularly visits to greet the students and engage with their activities, helping us grow in faith by celebrating Mass and supporting our RE lessons and faith journey. Father Steven and Father Joe also collaborates closely with the Sacramental Team to guide our Year 3 children through their Sacramental preparations.


Our Church

We are fortunate to have our beautiful parish church nearby, enabling us to visit for school Masses, enhance our RE lessons, and join in parish celebrations. The parish hall, located between the church and the school, serves as a venue for some of our after-school activities, fostering further community engagement.

For more information, including Mass times and the church newsletter, please visit our church website.